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Coastal Christmas Market

St. Mary's Boat Club

1641 Fairfield Rd, Halifax NS

Sat. Nov 23rd 2024 | 12 PM - 5 PM

Vendor set-up begins at 11 AM

Q. How do I apply to participate as a market vendor?

A. To participate as a market vendor, please submit your application directly through our online application form. Kindly note that emails or social media messages will not be considered as applications, and incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Q. When do vendor applications open and what is the cut-off date for applying?

A. Vendor applications for the Coastal Christmas Market open on July 8th. There is no specific cut-off date, as applications will close once all vendor spots have been filled. We recommend submitting your application early to increase your chances of participating, as our jury reviews applications on a rotating basis.

Q. Who can apply to participate as a vendor?


A. The Coastal Christmas Market accepts artisans selling handmade products. While vendors from across Atlantic Canada are welcome, priority is given to vendors located within the HRM. We do not accept re-sellers, wellness practitioners, tarot card readers or any spiritual based services, vintage sellers, direct sales representatives, or products related to marijuana, smoking, drugs, or adult themes.

Important info for food & beverage vendors:


Packaged food and beverage vendors are welcome to apply. Prior to submitting an application to sell food, it is important to thoroughly review the guidelines provided below.

Supernova Events has decided against applying for a temporary event food permit, meaning that any food sold at this event must be included on the exempt food list.

Exempt Food List: Cotton candy, hard candy, Donuts/baked goods without dairy, meat fillings, or toppings, Coffee & tea, when served with single-service creamers or milk, Popcorn, Pre-packaged shelf-stable foods — from a commercial source, sold in package. 

Q. How do I find out if I have been selected or not?

A. You will receive notification by email within approx. 1 - 2 weeks of applying to find out if you have been selected or not. Please remember to check your junk mail or other folders regularly. Only 32 vendors will be selected for this particular event, as it is carefully curated. If you aren't chosen this time, please don't be discouraged. We encourage you to apply for our future events.

Q. What does the jury base their decision on when selecting vendors?

A. Our jury consists of 4 professional artists, who base their decision on several factors when selecting vendors, this includes: originality, quality (craftsmanship), aesthetics, and diversity. Each applicant is scored from 1 to 4 in these areas. Please note that scores are confidential and will not be shared with applicants or outside parties.

Q. Can I apply and sell products from multiple categories?

A. Vendors are permitted to apply and sell products only under one category. This helps us curate the market effectively and avoid unnecessary product overlap.

Q. Can I hire someone or have a loved one manage my vendor space for me?

A. Yes, vendors can have someone else manage their space, but it is recommended for vendors to represent their own products to connect with customers. If someone else will be managing your space, please ensure that they know vendor protocols and follow all rules.

Q. Can I share a table with another vendor?

A. No, sorry! Each vendor spot is for one vendor only. Vendors are permitted to have 1 adult accompany them for assistance. Children and pets are not allowed.

Q. When is the vendor fee due and how do I pay?

A. ​If you are selected, you will receive an invoice within 1 - 2 weeks from the date that you apply. Invoices are due within 3 days of being sent via e-transfer. Please do not apply, if you are unable to pay the applicable vendor space fee when applying. Thank you for your cooperation.

E-transfers are payable to:

Jacquelyn Miccolis, Event Coordinator

Email:  ​

* Please include your business name in the message section, when sending an e-transfer. This allows us to identify you and record your payment, thanks.


Q. Where is the Coastal Christmas Market being held?


A. The Coastal Christmas Market is being held at the St. Mary's Boat Club, overlooking the breath-taking Northwest Arm (1641 Fairfield Road, Halifax NS).


Q. Where do I unload my products and park my vehicle?

A. Parking is free. There are two parking lots located adjacent to the venue. Please note that there is a narrow outdoor staircase that leads to the shore club entrance. Therefore, you will want to make sure that your stock and display items are well packed to help ease the process of transporting them on foot.


Important Accessibility Info: The venue has an accessibility entrance, however this only allows for quick drop-offs. Unfortunately, parking is strictly prohibited in this area due to building fire exit regulations. If you require access to this entrance for unloading your products, you will need to arrange to have someone drop you off at the set-up time and pick you up at the end of the event.


Q. Is there free Wi-Fi?


A. Yes, free public Wi-fi is provided by the venue. However, Supernova Events holds no responsibility or accountability for the quality or speed of the Wi-Fi, as we are not the service provider. 


Q. Is electricity available for vendors?


A.  Electricity is an optional add-on for premium vendor spaces (*$50 fee). 


Q. Are tables and chairs provided?


A. Tables and chairs are provided for premium vendor spots only. Regular vendor spots require the vendor to bring their own 6 ft table and chair. This is mandatory and therefore no exceptions will be made, sorry. 


Q. How do I stay up-to-date with the latest market information?

A. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook @thesupernovamarket and join our mailing list.

Q. Are washrooms available for vendors?

A. Yes, there are washrooms located within the venue. There is one gender neutral washroom on site.

Q. How much does it cost to participate as a vendor? 


A. Vendor fees vary based upon the vendor space, please see below for details.

Important info:  Vendor fees are non-refundable or transferable and are accepted by e-transfer. Due to the event being held in-doors, it will run regardless of the weather conditions.

Vendor spaces

Premium | $250

Premium vendor spaces are positioned around the exterior of the venue, which allows for ample space and natural flow of foot traffic.


Additional perks include: We will provide you with an 8 ft wooden table and two rustic wooden chairs.

* Electricity is an optional add-on for premium spot vendors for an additional $50.

regular | $200

Regular vendor spaces are sized to fit a 6 ft table. Vendors are required to bring their own 6ft table, we will provide you with one rustic wooden chair. Electricity is not available.

non-profit | $100

Registered non-profit organizations can participate in a regular vendor spot at a reduced rate. 

Vendor Rules & Regulations:

  1. Vendors are required to arrive promptly at 11 AM to setup & are not permitted to arrive early.

  2. Vendors must complete their setup prior to the commencement of the market. Vendors should be ready to sell, with all wares on display at the start of the market at 12 PM. 

  3. Vendors may only sell products that were approved from their vendor application. Please list all products that you intend on selling in your electronic vendor application form.

  4. Vendors should keep their designated area clean, attractive and within the boundaries of their space.

  5. Vendors are required to stay for the entire duration of the event. If a vendor has sold out of their products, a “sold out” sign may be displayed, 

  6. Vendors are not allowed to bring pets, drink alcohol or smoke at the market, or on the property of the market site.

  7. Vendors must remove all garbage, clean their area of debris and remove all visible signs of their stall within one hour of market closing. Cardboard boxes should be removed from the site and not left for the market staff.

  8. Vendors must not be at the market while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are not permitted to be aggressively selling their products.

  9. Vendors are expected to be kind and respectful of others. We have a strict zero tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination of any kind. Market staff reserves the right to tell any vendor who is caught violating these terms, to leave immediately without any compensation for lost market time.

  10. Music is not permitted to be played by vendors during the event, due to the live entertainment.

  11. This is not a scent-free event, however, please be mindful of scent sensitives and avoid wearing any strong perfumes of colognes.

  12. Vendors are solely responsible for their own personal belongings and market staff are not liable for any theft or damages that occur.

  13. Food and beverage vendors are responsible for any licensing requirements. Vendors must also adhere to any applicable food allergen labeling laws.

  14. It is expected that participating vendors will utilize social media to promote the event and share their involvement.

  15. Vendors are strictly prohibited from making any statements, whether written, verbal, or on social media, that could harm the reputation of the organizers or their business.

Emergency Policies:

In the event that the Coastal Christmas Market cannot take place on the scheduled date due to factors beyond our control such as covid-19, natural disasters, or other unforeseeable circumstances, the market will be rescheduled. However, please note that vendor fees are non-refundable in such circumstances and will be automatically transferred to the rescheduled date.

If you are unable to participate in the market on the rescheduled date, you have the option to have a loved one, friend, or business associate take your place. Please be aware that vendor credits will not be carried over to future events, unless you are joining us from another province. Therefore, we highly recommend making arrangements in advance to ensure someone can fill in for you if needed.

At this time, there are no active Covid-19 restrictions in place in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In the event of any changes to government restrictions or public health mandates, vendors will promptly receive notification via email. Vendors are not mandated to be vaccinated or wear face masks, but it is advised to regularly sanitize hands and refrain from participating if feeling unwell. Please get someone to fill in for you if you are ill.



While all reasonable precautions are taken, under no circumstances shall we, Supernova Events, the organizers, Coastal Christmas Market, it's employees, volunteers and/or it's agents, either jointly or individually, nor shall St. Mary's Boat Club and/or sponsors be held liable for any loss, damage or theft of merchandise or personal injury to exhibitors, their employees, guests, public, or agents. Vendors are strongly encouraged to have their own business and product insurance.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Coastal Christmas Market. 
Please read all of the vendor info located above before applying, thank you!

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