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In today's economic landscape, art holds immense value. It serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations, emotional stimulation, and ultimately, positive change. By merging the worlds of art and business, we help companies and organizations gain a competitive edge. 


 At Supernova Events, we understand the transformative power of art and its ability to fuel business growth. With years of experience in the arts sector, we take pride in offering a specialized range of professional services to help businesses harness the potential of art to achieve their goals.

Team building workshops

Boost collaboration and camaraderie within your company or group by participating in our engaging workshops. Our skilled art instructor will arrive fully equipped with all the materials needed for an enjoyable and unforgettable session. Take your pick from our range of beginner-friendly workshop choices:

  •  Art for Relaxation

  •  Introduction to Watercolour Painting

  •  Creating Vision Boards

  • Fun Paint Night​




Add a touch of art

Enhance your business with a unique artistic flair by collaborating with a skilled Artist/Designer to create a customized piece of art that embodies your company's essence. From paintings to sculptures to photography, our team will ensure a seamless integration into your workspace with the help of our experienced contractors.


Event décor


Transform your event space with our exceptional event décor services. From custom signs to unique 3D art, we can bring your vision to life. Our competitive prices ensure that you get the best value for your money, while creating a memorable atmosphere for your guests. Get in touch today to discuss your vision!



If you have a fun idea for a creative project, we are always open to discussing freelance work or collaborations.

Team Building Workshop
Custom Art for Business
event décor for corporate event
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