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2024 vendor faq

Supernova Market: Sat. June 29th 2024 | 1 PM - 6 PM, Vendor set-up begins at noon.

Vendor Applications are closed.

Q. How do I apply to participate as a market vendor?

A. Vendor applications are accepted directly through our online application form. Please note that emails or social media messages are not considered in place of an application and incomplete applications will not be considered.

Q. When do vendor applications open and what is the cut-off date for applying?

A. Vendor Applications for our annual market open on Jan 8th. Applications will close once all of the vendor spots have been filled. 


Our jury reviews vendor applications on a rotating basis, therefore we strongly recommend that you submit your application as early as possible so that you have the best chance of participating.


Each vendor category has limited spots to ensure that there is minimal overlap in product types. We believe that this helps to create a non-competitive environment, where everyone can thrive and feel supported.

Q. Who can apply to participate as a vendor?


A. Artists, crafters, designers and packaged food/ beverage vendors located within Atlantic Canada. Charitable Organizations, Non-profits and Social Enterprises are welcome to apply and will be prioritized. Independent businesses that are creative-based will also be considered. If you are unsure if your business is eligible to participate, please get in touch by email:

We do not accept re-sellers, wellness practitioner's or direct sales representatives, sorry. The Supernova Market is a family-friendly event, therefore we do not permit marijuana/smoking/drug related products or anything with an adult theme.

Q. How will I be notified if I am selected?

A. You can expect to receive notification by email within 2 weeks of applying. Please remember to check your junk mail or other folder frequently, just in case - thank you.


If you are not selected to participate, please do not be discouraged from applying for a future market. In the past we have received hundreds of applications per market, which increases each year. Therefore, depending upon the venue that the event is being held; vendor spaces are extremely limited. There are typically no more than 35 vendors selected to participate in total.


The judges base their selections on the following: originality, quality and diversity. Priority is given to non-profit organizations and past vendors, who are in good standing. Please note that this does not apply to vendors applying for high demand categories.

Q. What are the application and vendor fees used for?

A. The Supernova Market is organized by Supernova Events (former Owners of Sparkles n' Sawdust Studio) and a small but might team of volunteers. This is a not-for-profit event and therefore vendor fees cover only the bare minimum regarding the expenses that are associated with running an event of this size. Without the support of our amazing partners and sponsors, this community event would not be possible.

Application and vendor fees go immediately towards the organization of the event itself. This includes, but is not limited to the following: marketing expenses (poster design, printing and distribution, social media ad campaigns and other forms of both online and off-line marketing), staff and musician pay, licensing fee, venue cost, insurance, website, event signage, event tents, chalet rentals and more.

Due to these reasons, we have implemented a strict policy regarding the collection of vendor fees. When a vendor fails to pay on time, it directly impacts everyone involved and slows down the organization of this event. Therefore, please do not apply, if you are unable to pay the applicable vendor space fee when applying. If you are selected you will receive an invoice no later than 2 weeks from the date you applied. Invoices are due within 48 hours of being sent. Thank you for your cooperation.

One of the things that sets the Supernova Market apart from many other large-scale events, is that we have never charged an admission fee. The reason for this is because we want everyone to feel welcome to join in on the fun. As an inclusive community event, we welcome people from all walks of life to attend. By removing barriers, we strongly feel that it enhances the overall experience of the event. We believe that that this is one of the many reasons that The Supernova Market is so well attended and continues to be enjoyed, year-after-year.


We are thrilled to receive feedback from both vendors and attendees, who have expressed their appreciation for the undeniable warm and positive energy that permeates our event from start to finish. This feedback warms our hearts and and really captures the true spirit of this event.

Q. Where is the Supernova Market being held?

A. The Supernova Market is being held on the beautiful Halifax Waterfront, during the busy cruise ship season.

Q. Where do I unload my products and park my vehicle?

A. There is a paid parking lot adjacent to the vendor area. Parking fees are the sole responsibility of each vendor. If the lot is full you will need to seek other parking options. There are several paid lots in the surrounding area and street parking upon availability. We strongly recommend that you bring a dolly cart to help you easily transport your display and stock to the vendor site.

Q. Is there free Wi-Fi?

A. Yes, free public Wi-fi is provided by the city in this area. However, the Supernova Market holds no responsibility or accountability for the quality or speed of the Wi-Fi, as we are not the provider. Please note: No password is required to access the Wi-Fi connection however, you may be required to enter your name, email address and accept some terms and conditions in order to connect.

Q. Is electricity available for vendors?

A.  Electricity is available upon request for chalet vendors only.

Q. Are tables and chairs provided?

A. No, they are not. Tent vendors are required to bring their own 6 ft table and chair. This is mandatory and therefore no exceptions will be made, sorry. 

Chalet Vendors do not need a table for their display, due to the unique layout of the chalet. Merchandise can be easily arranged along the chalet's large wooden ledge. A narrow shelf would look lovely, or something else that helps to stagger the height of your products. If you wish to sit throughout the event, we strongly recommend that you bring a tall stool.​ If you require a larger display area for your products, you can bring a clothing rack, shelf or small table to sit under or beside the chalet ledge.

Please note: vendors are not permitted to puncture the wooden chalets through any means. Therefore if you want to hang anything from it, please bring removeable sticky hooks or tape only. This is only suitable for light weight items, such as paper products or other small retail items.


Q. How do I stay up-to-date with the latest market information?

A. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook @thesupernovamarket and join our mailing list.

Q. Are washrooms available for vendors to use?

A. Yes, public washrooms are located nearby in The Salt Yard, beside the Beavertails kiosk. There is one gender neutral and wheelchair accessible washroom on site.

Q. How much does it cost to participate as a vendor? 


A. Vendor fees vary based upon the vendor space, please continue reading below for details.

Important info: vendor fees are nonrefundable or transferable and are accepted by e-transfer only. We are not equipped to accept any other form of payment at this time. Please include your business name when sending an e-transfer in the message section. This is how we are able to identify you, to record your payment - thank you.


Vendor fees are payable to:

Jacquelyn Miccolis, Market Coordinator



There are three different vendor space options, please see below for details.

vendor spaces


Please view the chalet diagram HERE  for dimensions. 

Vendor fee: $250


Tent spots are approx. 6 ft wide x 1 ft deep. 

Vendor fee: $200


Lightly covered pods that showcase emerging Artists. layout includes 3 Artists per pod.

Vendor fee: $150


The beautiful wooden chalets are highly sought-after, due to their aesthetic appeal and spacious layout.


Based upon our previous markets at the Halifax Waterfront, the chalet area attracted the highest foot traffic; with on-going line-ups at several of the chalets. This area provides a much larger space for vendors to converse with customers and to showcase their products.

A private chalet is an excellent option for you if you require more space, need power or if you have multiple people managing your station.

There are only 7 wooden chalets available for vendor use and therefore once these spots have been filled, the chalet vendor application will immediately be closed to reflect this.

Additional info:

Tables are not required for chalet vendors, due to the unique layout. However you may want to bring a tall stool, if you want to sit down during the event.

There are power outlets inside the white lighthouses that are along the perimeter of the foundation wharf. Also, various lamp posts throughout the wharf provide an excellent power source. Electricity is available upon request, for chalet vendors only for an additional fee. Please note that this must be indicated on the initial vendor application form and not at a later date.




Vendors are required to provide their own extension cord and cable mat to place on top of their cord. Cable mats are required by the venue for liability reasons and therefore these are mandatory. Vendors who fail to provide a cable mat, will unfortunately not be permitted to access power during this event. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep everyone safe.


Cable mats can be purchased online (ex. Uline), in-shop at most hardware store or you might be able to rent one from a local equipment rental company.


There are two beautiful party tents that our crew carefully installs for this event. Each tent can comfortably fit 8 vendors facing outwards.

Tent vendors are provided with an open wall tent spot, which provides a protective overhead coverage to shield you from the elements, such as UV and light rain. 

A tent spot is a great option for you, if you do not require more than a 6ft table space and don't need electricity. 


Vendors are required to provide their own 6ft table and chair.


This market zone is designated to showcase emerging Artists.

This is a lightly covered area, which allows for fresh air flow and lots of sunshine. This is a great space for new and up and coming Artists to display and sell their work in a non-competitive and supportive environment.


To participate as as emerging Artist in this zone, you must meet one or more of the criteria's in section 1, and meet all of the criteria's in section 2.


Please read this carefully before applying, thank you.

Section 1.

  • You are an art school student or recent graduate (less then one year).

  • You are in the very early stages of your career as an Artist or Maker.

  • You are not currently selling in any retail establishments.

Section 2.

  • You are legally representing yourself under your given name only and do not have a registered business.

  • All art or products are your original designs and handmade by you only.

  • You are 18 years of age or older.

  • You are actively representing yourself as an Artist or Maker on both Facebook and Instagram. 


Vendors are required to bring their own 6 ft table and fold-up chair. Vendors need to bring a table cloth that is long enough to hover slightly above the ground, to safely store their belongings underneath.

 Vendor Rules & Regulations: 

  1. Vendors are required to arrive promptly at 12 PM to setup & are not permitted to arrive early.

  2. Vendors must complete their setup prior to the commencement of the market. Vendors should be ready to sell, with all wares on display at the start of the market at 1 PM. 

  3. Vendors must provide their own equipment, which includes: table, chair, signage, hand sanitizer etc. (see vendor space options, which are listed above for more details)

  4. Vendors may only sell products that were approved from their vendor application. Please list all products that you intend on selling in your electronic vendor application form.

  5. Vendors should keep their designated area clean, attractive and within the boundaries of their space.

  6. Due to space restrictions, tent vendor are only permitted to have one additional person help manage their table. Chalet vendors are allowed to have up to 3 or 4 people, based upon their own personal comfortability. Emerging Artist (Pod Vendors), are allowed to have 1 additional person only.

  7. Vendors are required to stay for the entire duration of the event. If a vendor has sold out of their products, a “sold out” sign may be displayed, but the table should not be removed until the end of the market.

  8. Vendors are not allowed to bring pets, drink alcohol or smoke at the market, or on the property of the market site.

  9. Vendors must remove all garbage, clean their area of debris and remove all visible signs of their stall within one hour of market closing. Cardboard boxes should be removed from the site and not left for the market staff.

  10. Vendors must not be at the market while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are not permitted to be aggressively selling their products.

  11. Vendors are expected to be kind and respectful of others. We have a strict zero tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination of any kind. Market staff reserves the right to tell any vendor who is caught violating these terms, to leave immediately without any compensation for lost market time.

  12. Music is not permitted to be played by vendors during the event, due to the live music performances.

  13. This is not a scent-free event, however, please be mindful of scent sensitives and avoid wearing any strong perfumes of colognes.

  14. Vendors are solely responsible for their own personal belongings and market staff are not liable for any theft or damages that occur.

  15. Food and beverage vendors are responsible for any applicable health and safety food vendor permits and licensing requirements. Vendors must also adhere to any applicable food allergen labeling laws.

Weather & Covid-19 Policies:

If the Supernova Market is not able to be held on the scheduled date due to covid-19, extreme weather conditions or any other circumstance that is out of our control; the market will be rescheduled. In the rare circumstance that this occurs, vendor fees are under no circumstance refundable. Vendor fees will automatically roll over to the rescheduled date.


If for any reason you are unable to participate in the market on the rescheduled date, you are permitted to have a loved one, friend or business associate fill in for you. Vendor credits will not be provided for a future market, unless you are joining us from another province. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you establish a back-up person in advance, just incase.

There are currently no active covid-19 restrictions in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Currently vendors are not required to be vaccinated or to wear a face mask. However, as we continue to navigate the pandemic, government restrictions and public health mandates could change at any given moment, and this is not in our control. Due to this, we have a zero-tolerance policy for any abusive communications from vendors regarding this or otherwise.


The health and safety of our staff, vendors and guests is our #1 priority. Therefore market management reserves the right to make any necessary changes needed, to strictly adhere to all covid-19 health regulations. If any changes occur prior to the event, vendors will be notified as soon as possible by email.


While all reasonable precautions are taken, under no circumstances shall we, the promoters, the coordinators, The Supernova Market, it's employees, volunteers and/or it's agents, either jointly or individually, nor shall Build Nova Scotia and/or sponsors be held liable for any loss, damage or theft of merchandise or personal injury to exhibitors, their employees, guests, public, or agents. Vendors are strongly encouraged to have their own business and product insurance.

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