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Unhoused Support Halifax

There are currently over 1000 homeless people in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


The cold weather has arrived early this year, and it is becoming increasingly dangerous for those who are unhoused. Not enough action is being taken to prevent people who are living outdoors from freezing, so let's take matters into our own hands!


Currently, there are several Grassroot Organizations working on making sure that tents are available for those in need this winter, which is wonderful. Sadly though, tents alone are not enough to keep people from freezing during the harsh winter. Every year, communities issue calls for urgent action and open emergency shelters. And every year, the tally continues to rise on the number of preventable cold-weather deaths across the world.


Every time a homeless person dies from the cold, we have failed.


While we cannot solve homelessness through a single fundraising campaign (oh, how we wish that  we could), we believe that collective action can be a powerful force for change. Together, we can make a difference and help those in need.


Our goal for November 2023 to February 2024 is to purchase a bulk order of -20 winter sleeping bags and distribute them to unhoused individuals within the HRM. 

If you are passionate about this cause there are several ways that you can provide support.


❤️ Donate - every dollar helps.

❤️ Donate a gently used (- 20) winter sleeping bag, we will distribute them.

❤️ Help to spread the word! Tell your family, friends, co-workers, boss etc.

❤️ Join the HFX Stay Warm Support Facebook Group.


This fundraiser has ended. Thank you to everyone who supported this initiative.

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