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Meet the Founder

Updated: Mar 7

Jacquelyn Miccolis is a social entrepreneur, who has cultivated a career by merging passion with purpose. Widely recognized as a trailblazer with a tenacious spirit, she believes in the transformative influence of art in fostering community development and driving social change.

Jacquelyn's vision for the Supernova Conference was born from her desire to cultivate a welcoming environment for a creative community of dreamers, shakers, movers, makers and trailblazers to thrive and build lasting connections.

She believes in the power of entrepreneurs joining forces, to create a circle of support for navigating the ever-changing creative climate.

This grassroots event is a special opportunity for creatives at all levels and backgrounds to come together to learn, celebrate, empower, and build a more sustainable environment for the creative economy at large.

Jacquelyn Miccolis standing against brick wall with art mural


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