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Celebrating International Women's Week

In celebration of International Women's Week, we are thrilled to announce Laura MacNutt as a Speaker at the Supernova Conference. Her remarkable career embodies creativity and entrepreneurship at its core.

Laura's experience spans across different countries, working as an architect in Canada, Finland, and Bermuda, and excelling as a Production Designer in Nova Scotia's film industry. She also taught Fine Arts in Switzerland before establishing her own green architectural design company in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Driven by her passion for creativity, Laura later shifted her focus to upcycling garments and creating unique fashion pieces in her fashion studio, "No Faux." Currently, she is dedicated to her sustainability retail business, Halifax Vintage Garment Market, located on Barrington Street in the heart of Downtown Halifax.

With Laura's wealth of knowledge and fierce advocacy for sustainability , we are really looking forward to her presentation on the creative possibilities of a circular economy at SNC 2024.

Nova Scotian Female entrepreneur


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