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Accessibility Q&A

Q1. Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

A1. Yes! We chose this venue with accessibility in mind. The Halifax Central Library is one of the most the accessible buildings in Downtown Halifax, with elevators and wide open-concept spaces.

Q2. What is the dress code?

A2. We want everyone to feel comfortable and therefore we've created a "come as you are" philosophy. However, for those who like to have a little guidance we recommend business casual however, it is in no way, shape or form mandatory. Our basic rule of thumb, is wear whatever make you feel your best. We don't want anyone to feel anxious about what to wear or to feel that they have to wear something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Q3. Is there a gender neutral washroom?

A3. Yes! There are male, female and gender neutral washrooms available.

Q4. Will there be an ASL interpreter at this event?

A4. Unfortunately no, due to budget restraints however this is something that we hope to be able to provide in the future.

Q5. Do I need to bring anything with me?

A5. We recommend bringing business cards or alternatively a digital business card. If you would like to take notes during any of the speaker presentations, you may wish to bring along a notebook and pen. If you don't plan on purchasing a lunch during the break period, we recommend bringing a packed lunch that does not require being refrigerated or heated prior to consumption. You are encouraged to snap photos throughout the day to share on socials, therefore we recommend bringing your cellphone (on silent mode).

Q6. I am Vegetarian, Vegan or have food allergies, who can I alert?

A6. Please feel free to let us know in-advance if you have any special dietary needs, as there will be light refreshments provided. Please don't hesitate to reach out by email: or you can send us a direct message on our socials @thesupernovamarket

Q7. Is the Supernova Conference an inclusive event?

A7. YES! we welcome people from all walks of life to participate and attend. SNC is anything but your typical uptight, stuffed-shirt type of conference. Instead it is colorful, fun, inspiring, entertaining and is sure to be very memorable.

Q8. How will I know where to go when I arrive?

A8. You can expect clear signage immediately upon arrival, and staff will be happy to help direct you if you require any assistance.


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